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Image by David Clode


Born Global is partnering with the Amplification Project to launch a challenge that amplifies the voices of those who have experienced forced migration. The Amplification Project is “a community-led participatory public digital archive for artists and activists to document, preserve, and share art and activism inspired, influenced, or affected by experiences of conflict and displacement.” Through our partnership, we aim to generate more content for the digital archive, create connections between people around the world, and give something back to the people who enter the challenge.  



The first round is open to anyone who has experienced, or is connected to the experience, of conflict and displacement. We ask that you submit a video (3-5 minutes long in either Arabic, English, or French) that relates experiences of forced migration to nature (for example, a memory from being in nature during migration). We encourage these videos to be creative and showcase your artistic talent in any medium (poetry, music, painting, etc.). 

The email address to send your submissions will be released soon.

The deadline is 15 February 2021



During the second round, the finalists will work towards creating a final piece of art that addresses the theme of nature and forced migration. Younger participants in the program will be paired with older participants for mentorship, connections, and optional teamwork on the final piece of art. All participants will meet virtually each week to develop their skills, learn about biomimicry, and become part of the Born Global community.



The third round is in the early stages of planning, but we would like people to have the opportunity to meet each other in person. We are working with Biba Sheikh on the possibility of an immersive theatre camp in Beirut during summer 2021. 

More details coming soon!

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