Biomimicry Education


The Biomimicry Education team is working on creating a 10-week Biomimicry curriculum/course that will be unique to Born Global and that can be taught annually at the high school and college level regardless of geographic location. The curriculum will be locally attuned and adapt to changing conditions in response to Born Global’s community diversity while responding to dynamic contexts.  We are currently in the stage of researching online learning software and putting together weekly content that will eventually be imputed into an interactive and engaging course that teaches the fundamentals of biomimicry.


Timeline & Team

In addition to the education curriculum, we provide students with opportunities to apply the knowledge and concepts that they learn into one of the following projects:



Stack of Books

Biomimicry Ethos


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Path of Gaia


This project was initiated at the beginning of summer and has one primary goal: reconnect urbanites with nature through mythology. More specifically: retrace the origin and different forms of earth goddesses and shine a light on the different ways these stories can be a powerful tool in helping us strengthen our links to mother nature.


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Programming Console

Computer Programming