In addition to our ongoing Projects, we have many other exciting opportunities that welcome public donations and contributions to help support these events and bring them to fruition. Scroll down for more information on what our current fundraising campaigns are.





The COVID-19 Pandemic has had catastrophic consequences on the economic, environmental and social field. In light of the current situation, we the Beirut Biomimics, have decided to launch a challenge that will be able to help high schoolers express themselves on a louder platform. The point of this challenge is to come up with a solution for one of these fields that could hopefully be implemented. We therefore call out every Lebanese High schooler (9th to 12th grade) to write an essay in the language of their choice (English/Arabic/French) with a chance to win $1,000.

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The Alchemist Garden team is working on developing an interactive, informative application that will allow users to learn more about the medical benefits of botanicals. The application will be an interactive game where users will traverse a fantastical universe and collect plants to create potions for various ailments. The team is comprised of student interns working on various aspects of the app development including coding, storyboarding, biology research, and recording a visual database.

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