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Banana Leaves


Regenerative Resources

Circular Economics

Waste-Based Innovations

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The Circular Economics sub-program explores different ways to circulate materials and systems on a macro-scale for various start-ups, businesses and organizations.

Through the Tree Branch

Co-Host Program


The Co-Host program is a cross-pollinating system that links the RAS, Biorefinery and Agriculture studies with each other. Integration of key elements and information between the studies ensure closed loops and minimal waste production.


More information coming soon.

Green Buildings

Innovation Ecosystem


The Innovation Ecosystem is a group of people who are focusing on creating new ways to integrate circular processes to the innovation world.


More information coming soon.

Decorative Succulent plants

Hard-Tech Incubator


The hard tech incubator is one of the first projects of the innovation ecosystem, that focuses on companies in their development stage, start-ups. To be able to integrate the 0 waste and eco-friendly aspect from the start.


More information coming soon.

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