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Problem Statement

Carbon dioxide is a colorless gas that can naturally be found in the earth's atmosphere. It comes from many different sources like cellular respiration, but industrial stack emissions are a primary and exponentially increasing source.

Excess levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exacerbates the process of climate change and increases the greenhouse effect, posing a threat to all living species. Therefore, we need to find sustainable solutions to handle and repurpose industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

Image by Marcin Jozwiak
Image by William Bossen

Climate change is growing at a rapid pace, each year the global average temperate increases by a very alarming amount. Drastic changes to industrial practices and in general to our production economy has to be done soon, as the more we wait to take action, the more the problems grow. Eventually, we will reach a point of no return where life as we know it will be no longer be sustainable enough to reverse our wasteful and inconsiderate practices.

Some governments around the world have already started taking action to control and reverts the effect of climate change, but more need to be done. This is why the private sector needs to step in, and do their part.


Our team is focusing on creating solutions to give CO2 a more productive and commercial use. To drive this change we also have to realize that the economic component has to go hand in hand with any type of solution. Our main goal is to provide sustainable and productive solutions, making CO2 no longer a waste but rather a revenue opportunity.

This is why the group sees an opportunity with Born Global to start capturing carbon dioxide emitted by biomass power plants, in Maine and Massachusetts, and give it a more productive and environmentally friendly use.




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