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We are an educational 501c3 nonprofit applying nature-based solutions to BiG projects in ecological restoration, environmental technology, and social change making.


360 student interns

120 mentors

30 countries

working together to 
launch over
40 projects

Regeneration in One Generation

Our internship, scholar, and fellowship programs invite students ranging from high school freshmen to PhD candidates to engage in hands on, cross-disciplinary approaches to solving some of the world's most pressing challenges. We ask our students to bring the best of themselves, to be courageous optimists, and to walk the edge of the known and the unknown, the traditional and the innovative.


None of our students embark on this journey alone. Our network of experienced industry and academic professionals empower our young changemakers by providing mentorship and guidance throughout all of our student-based programs.

Turning Passion into Practice

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Spark possibility and apply biomimicry to new fields.

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Succeed and thrive in a connected and dynamic world.

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Imagine creating a life instead of simply making a living.

BG website(1).jpg

Impact Report 2020-2023

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