Our programs are educational and offer  BiG opportunites for interns to experience cross collaboration within academic specializations and with other interns across the globe.

Our online internships allow maximum collaboration and flexibility for our interns to participate either part-time or full-time giving them control over their committed work hours.

Stipends are available and can include the opportunity to receive course credit or a Certification in Biomimicry.

Born Global offers two major programs that facilitate productive research and discussion on sustainability innovation: internships and co-opetitions. Our internships offer students and employees of relevant industries a chance to go through intensive weeks of research on a semester-by-semester basis in various fields including engineering, biology, environmental science, marketing, and app development. Similarly, our co-opetitions offer students a chance to focus on brainstorming innovations over a year-long endeavor to solve various environmental issues using biomimicry.


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