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Virtual internships, beginning Spring January 2021, are currently extended to J.D. and LL.M. students to assist in projects focused on the biomimicry design process as it applies to law and policy. Together, with Born Global, a non-profit organization, law students will join collaborative design teams to assess the living and non-living contexts of specific projects related to transportation, energy, agriculture, and environmental law. Selected interns will join a 10-week cohort that will progressively assess the legal implications of interdisciplinary projects' objectives as they exist under current law and those projects' potential to enhance established ecosystem services through regenerative processes inspired by nature.  

Using a legal lens, cohort members will conduct independent and collaborative research specific to a specified project's regional biome. Research will draw upon legal precedent, public policy, and ecological science to create deliverable reports outlining legal constraints of generous design proposals as they are implemented. Analysis of issues presented will conclude whether implicated laws require attention – challenge, or improvement – to achieve their social/legislative purpose while also facilitating innovation that creates conditions conducive to ecological prosperity.


In order to achieve this unique perspective, cohort interns will be introduced to biomimicry, the practice of emulating nature's genius to solve human design challenges. Students will also be introduced to complex adaptive systems literature and explore effective visual communication beyond traditional briefing and memoranda, including but not limited to interactive systems maps, flow diagrams, and graphic reports. 

For more information about the project and/or eligibility to apply,

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Team Leader

Shannon Sweeney


Shannon is an attorney specializing in social justice and environmental law, and holds a BA, JD, LLM as well as an MS in Biomimicry.

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