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At Born Global, we advocate for regeneration in one generation by asking our interns to "imagine if we know how to build our desired future." We have hosted over 360 interns who have taken part in 42 sustainability-focused projects since 2020. Our interns' academic backgrounds range from mechanical engineering and marine science to business and philosophy to international relations, communication, and legal studies.

Learn about our projects below. More information coming soon. 

alchemist garden snip.JPG
Agents of Change snip.JPG
Transformative Innovation snip.JPG

imagine if

we know how

to build our desired future

Our Alchemist Garden projects bring together coders, animators, artists, biologists, and mathematicians to create an interactive, educational, animated game.

We provide opportunities for students with backgrounds in communication, policy, education, business, and engineering to become leaders and agents of change.

Our Transformative Innovation projects explore the intersections of food, energy, and waste and are led by students studying engineering, psychology, biology, and business.

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