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Banana Leaves


Waste-Based Innovations

Regenerative Resources

Circular Economics

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This section explores our current projects on innovative methods of using existing resources that can be turned into useful products or systems with minimal waste production.

Aerial View of Forest

Sustainable Forestry


The goal of this team is to understand the Maine general public's perceptions on sustainable forest management (SFM) through an innovative stakeholder engagement lens.

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Fish Swimming

Fish Sludge Methanization


The RAS Project explores the development of a land-based fish farm to be co-hosted at Stored Solar’s biomass powerplant in East Ryegate, VT. Primary objectives include increased powerplant efficiencies, 100% utilization of waste streams and byproducts, diversified revenue streams, and reciprocal benefits to the local ecosystem, regional economy, and UN SDGs focused on reliable food and ocean protections. This project aims to shift the paradigm of seafood and energy production from consumption to regeneration in alignment with Born Global’s Biohub initiatives.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 8.54.05 PM.png

Solar Grazing


This project explores the logistics and impact of incorporating domestic livestock on solar energy fields as a way to manage vegetation in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.


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Sustainable Energy

Energy Storage


This project explores energy storage based on calcium carbonate technology. Our study will focus on the feasibility of an emerging thermal energy storage technology with the aim of creating a working grid-level demonstration on-site.


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Artificial Leaf


This project explores the use of hydrogen energy on a residential scale. Our household system will comprise of the following stages: hydrogen production, storage, and conversion to electrical energy. This includes a photo electrolytic “artificial leaf” based on the process of photosynthesis in leaves, a bioinspired storage unit, and a small-scale fuel cell

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