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Join us in this action learning journey live with
 Fritjof Capra and our summer interns as we learn and immediately apply systems thinking and biomimicry to solve the world's biggest challenges. 

"My online Capra Course is based on my textbook The Systems View of Life ... I have now taught the course for over six years. Our alumni network has 2000+ members in 89 countries."
~ Fritjof Capra

Course is also available with Spanish and Italian subtitles. Participants will receive a signed certificate of completion. For more information, please view Fritjof's introductory video here.

The number of participants is strictly limited to allow high quality interactions in our discussions.

The course consists of 12 prerecorded lectures, with 2 posted each week. It will run from June 26th - August 4th. Each lecture is about 40 minutes and is supplemented with downloadable, written, and visual materials. This course also includes 2 exclusive online forums with Fritjof himself.

All participants will be able to fully interact with Born Global interns and their summer projects, which will range from engineering, economics, ethics, politics, education, earth sciences, and art. 

We are only accepting new registrations from Hult Prize Contestants. The Born Global Foundation will be covering the course fees for all Hult Prize Contestants from this year. 


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