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Circular Economics

Waste-Based Innovations

Regenerative Resources

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The following projects examine multiple types of waste that could be reused and repurposed into useful innovations or products. The Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) project examines the life cycle of these waste products and the caloric impact of the resources from production to reuse.




Biochar is type of waste product made from biomass power plants and has great potential for reuse in other applications such as farming. This team investigates this use as well as other potential areas biochar can be implemented.


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Blue Smoke



Carbon dioxide is a prevalent waste product from many different industrial systems. Our CO2 team explores the various products that CO2 can be repurposed into as well as innovative capture methods.


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Clock Gears



The LCA Team focuses on expanding an existing life cycle assessment (LCA) framework on the various environmental impacts of a biorefinery to include consideration of related ecosystem services trade-offs.


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Fly Ash


This project aims to research the capturing and monetization of three waste streams from the biorefinery and biomass power plants: fly ash,  CO2, and biochar. Using the life principle of recycling all materials this team will work towards creating a net zero system with all reusable organic materials from the different New England sites. 

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