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University Programs

Spring & Summer 2024

Our 2024 programs are specifically designed to enrich your University journey, providing invaluable experiences that will shape your career and personal growth.

Why Born Global?

Our approach is centered on empowering University students to explore their fields with a deeper sense of purpose and global responsibility. Through our meticulously designed programs, we aim to foster a generation of leaders and innovators ready to contribute to ecological restoration, environmental technology, and social impact. Born Global programs offer an exceptional opportunity to apply academic knowledge to real-world problems, ensuring your learning is cutting-edge, compelling and impactful.

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University Program

Spring Program

Format: On-line & Self Paced
Duration: 1 March, 2024 - 31 May, 2024
Total time commitment: 10 hours
Price: $425


Preparation for a Transformative Impact

The Spring Program serves as a foundation, preparing you for a summer of meaningful projects:

  1. Career Counseling & Internship Matching: 
    a 30-minute one-on-one interview with Dr. Samaha to align your academic interests and career aspirations with summer projects that offer the most growth and impact potential.


  2. Advanced Biomimicry and Research Methodology:
    A three-part certification course that introduces you to the principles of biomimicry and how to apply them in solving complex problems.


  3. Exclusive Access to Born Global Short Courses:
    Enhance your knowledge and skills with unlimited access to our specialized short courses, tailored to complement your summer project selection.

This phase is crucial and mandatory, setting the stage for a summer internship that not only complements your academic pursuits but also amplifies your real-world impact.


Summer Program

Format:  Hybrid: On-line & in-person courses available


  • Eight weeks from 1 July, 2024 to 23 August, 2024

Expected time commitment: 15 hours weekly

  • 15 hours Part-time

  • 30 hours Full-time

  • Group meetings 90 mins with group (time TBD)

  • Mandatory Monday mashups: 12pm-1:30pm EST

Price (including spring term):

  • Term 1: $ 2700

  • Term 1 + 2: $ 4900

From Theory to Practice

Post-spring training, the Summer Program immerses you in:

  1. Targeted Research & Impact Projects:
    Engage in in-depth research and apply your findings to disciplinary projects specific to your Major that address pressing global issues.


  2. Immerse yourself in Internship Research & Capstone Projects focusing on:
    Green Economy: Explore sustainable solutions in environmental technology and ecological restoration.

    Blue Economy: Dive into projects that protect marine environments and promote sustainable use of water resources.

    Biomes not Borders: Address the challenges of environmental migration and its impact on communities.


Compensation options

For Summer Internship

As an educational 501c3 nonprofit applying nature-based solutions to BiG projects in ecological restoration, environmental technology, and social change making our University level interns have the ability to receive funding from certain University partners. Below are some of the Internship Compensations that students from Babson and Boston University are eligible for.

Babson College - $2500 per student* (part time, 15 hours a week)


Boston University Yawkey Foundation, full time - $4500 per student* (FT, 30 hours)
Boston University Yawkey Foundation, part time - $2250 (PT, 15 hours).

Please Note, these options are only available for rising Juniors and Seniors.

Other Universities may also offer stipends and scholarships for those students participating in work with a non-profit, and all Universities can apply for class credit, or to fulfill internship requirements.

Our Value to Your University and Professional Journey

Leadership, Innovation, and Global Impact

Our programs cultivate leadership and innovation, empowering you to lead projects with confidence and creativity. The global perspectives gained through addressing international challenges enrich your academic and professional profiles, making you a compelling candidate for future opportunities.

Diverse Perspectives and Access to New Research

Embrace the opportunity to work alongside a diverse cohort, accessing cutting-edge research and methodologies. This exposure not only broadens your academic horizons but also prepares you for collaborative and inclusive work environments.

Real-World Application and Skill Enhancement

Transition seamlessly from academic theory to practical application. Our programs enable you to undertake projects with significant social impacts, showcasing your ability to convert knowledge into solutions.

Recognition and Networking Opportunities

Participate in prestigious international forums and exclusive events, such as the Biodiversity Forum, Art Basel, and the Monaco Boat Show. These platforms offer unparalleled opportunities to present your work, network with industry leaders, and further your career and research prospects.


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“Born Global marked the pivotal beginning of my career journey. It didn't confine me to predetermined expectations; it fostered an environment where I could craft my own solutions through invaluable support and resources. I carried forward a profound sense of agency in my ability to effect change in the world one step at a time.”

Kelly Wang (BU ENG’23)

Product Designer NextGen Healthcare, BU MS Computer Engineering

Hewitt Pathfinder Fund Recipient, Biommicry Intern 2020-2022

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