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Courageous and uncompromising in creating true social and environmental impact.

Regeneration in One Generation

Imagine a world where ecological and economic regeneration go hand in hand, fostering a sustainable and thriving future for generations to come. This vision fuels our passionate quest of Regeneration in One Generation.

At Born Global, we become an integral part of the high school and university experience of students, equipping them to venture into their professional lives as architects of transformative change, igniting a ripple effect across industries, governments, and communities.

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Biomes not Borders

A profound paradigm shift occurs when we view the planet as a set of interconnected, ecological biomes rather than nations and borders. A shift from geopolitical interests, to a sense of shared responsibility elevates the importance of biodiversity, which extends beyond borders, allowing for the free movement of species and the preservation of vital ecological corridors. At Born Global we aim to make this vision a reality; a world where the preservation of ecosystems takes precedence and the health of our planet thrives for generations to come.

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Our Programs

Our internship, scholar, and fellowship programs invite students ranging from high school students to PhD candidates to engage in hands-on, cross-disciplinary, real-world projects aimed at solving some of the world's most pressing challenges. We ask our students to bring the best of themselves, to be courageous optimists, and to walk the edge of the unknown,  between traditional indigenous knowledge and the  innovative, leading-edge technology. Our journey is never alone: We are a collective of experienced industry and academic professionals who empower our young changemakers by providing mentorship and guidance throughout all our  programs.

High School

Programs for Sophomores- Seniors

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Programs for Undergraduate and Masters Level students


Fellows In Residence

Scholars & Artist in Residence Programs

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Our Impact

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