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Biomimicry Internships

What It Means

We hope to be reborn into a brighter future as we continue to battle against climate change. During these times of COVID-19, the world has united as a global team and we have realized that change can happen when we stick together. Our mission is to connect innovative minds around the world and to educate each other with our knowledge. The first step to achieving this mission is to look at nature for inspiration and follow life's principles of biomimicry.


My internship experience exceeds far beyond what I imagined. I’ve had this worry that I won’t find something grabbing my attention in my field of engineering, but this internship has shown me just how far my skills can be spread over a multitude of areas. I appreciate this internship and everyone who has worked tirelessly to make everything possible remotely. My favorite part of the internship is having the opportunity to learn and implement lessons from biomimicry. 

Colleen Twomey,

CO2 Materials Intern

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Ways To Get Involved
If you are a curious thinker or a creative innovator, there are endless ways to collaborate. Check out some examples of the kinds of projects we have available for you to join us on!