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Nature’s Blueprint: Designing for Thriving

2024 Summer Projects

Our summer tracks focus on "Green economy" and "Blue economy"  and ‘Biomes not Borders’.

Green Economy

The Green Economy aims to improve human well-being and social equity while reducing ecological scarcities

Biomes not Borders

Our “Biomes not Borders” track bridges the  geopolitical and economic boundaries through the recognition of the profound interconnectedness among Earth's diverse habitats and the human communities they sustain.

Blue Economy

The Blue Economy focuses on the conservation of water resources and ecosystems that rely on them.

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Green Economy

Green Economy

In envisioning a sustainable future, forest ecosystems play a pivotal role as catalysts for transitioning industrial manufacturing into regenerative business models. This set of projects will focus on forest ecosystems and their transition from the industrial ‘take-make-waste’ paradigm to a regenerative business model of using organic waste streams to create new technologies while revitalizing underserved rural communities. Summer internships will focus on a comprehensive business, engineering and social impact plan for Artemis Carbon Futures, a New England based project development company. 


Ecology: Northern Broadleaf Forests


Education:  Science & Engineering, Business & Finance, Policy & Social Impact


Employment:  Environmental Consulting, Operations, Sustainable & Impact Finance, Community Development, Product Design & Engineering, Policy 

Introduction to Green Economy by Nick Heier

Green Economy Projects

Abstract Gradient

Biomes not Borders

Biomes not Borders

At Born Global we believe it is our shared responsibility to create a world that is based on natural ecological biomes and not artificial man-made borders. This set of internships invites ‘Mother Mediterranean’ to the design table as our model and mentor of how species and ancient cultures migrated through the Mediterranean Sea, with a particular focus on the role of women as community creators, where shared traditions and rituals formed new cultures of hospitality. These projects will bridge the imaginary realm of our interactive game ‘The Alchemist Garden' that gamifies biomimicry education with the current realities of the forced migration from environmental crises and war. 


Ecology: Mediterranean 


Education: Social & Environmental Justice, Women’s Studies, Human Geography, Green Chemistry, Sustainable Product Design, Game Development and Storytelling, Biology and Ecology, Cultural Anthropology, Math & Sacred Geometry, Luxury Marketing & Communications

Employment: Born Global Foundation - nonprofit impact  Artemis Carbon Futures - B-Corp structures for social impact

Introduction to Biomes not Borders by Dr. Kimberly Samaha

Biomes not Borders Projects

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Blue Economy

Blue Economy

The Blue Economy emphasizes the interconnectedness between healthy marine ecosystems and human well-being, promoting sustainable use of marine resources while driving economic growth. It encourages initiatives that educate about marine conservation and offer opportunities in eco-tourism, sustainable fisheries, and marine tech. By empowering individuals with knowledge and skills for sustainable resource management, it supports ecological preservation and economic development. This approach fosters a thriving maritime sector that balances environmental protection with economic prosperity, ensuring long-term benefits for both communities and ecosystems.


Ecology: Equatorial Mangrove Forests & Brackish water sheds


Education: Science & Engineering Business & Finance Social Impact & Policy

Employment: Synthesis Venture Fund Partners - Company focus on innovation commercialization, start-up funding and protecting intellectual property of scientific founders.

Introduction to Blue Economy by Cooper Yerby

Blue Economy Projects

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