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Sailors as Stewards: Luxury Yachts & Environmental Impact


Environmental science, marine biology, sustainability studies, business administration, marketing, finance, and engineering

Redefining luxury yachting as ethical stewardship: sustainable finance and commercializing marine technology to tackle environmental challenges.

Interns will dive deep into the challenges faced by the yachting industry in mitigating its environmental impact, particularly concerning water desalination and onboard energy storage devices. Through a real-life case study, they will scope out a project to commercialize a mangrove-inspired saltwater desalination filtration system, dividing into business units to tackle various aspects of product development and sources of finance.

Guest lectures will illuminate other biomimicry inspired case studies and alternative financing models tailored to sustainable technologies. Teams will conduct market analysis and technology research sessions to develop skills in identifying opportunities and potential solutions. Interns will focus on partnerships and fundraising learning the diffusion of influence through networking, preparing reports, pitch decks and communication materials.

Financial modeling and business planning exercises will equip you with the tools to forecast project costs and communicate the business case to potential investors. Stakeholder engagement and partnership-building activities will emphasize the importance of collaboration driving sustainable innovation forward. By the end you will learn to reimagine venture capital for "hard-tech" industries, where traditional models fall short. Emerge as a steward of change, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and networks to navigate the intersection of luxury yachting and environmental responsibility in the modern world.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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Week 1: Understanding Environmental Challenges in the Yachting Industry

  • Introduction to Environmental Impact of Yachting

  • Real-life Case Study: Commercializing a Mangrove-Inspired Saltwater Desalination Filtration System

  • Team Formation and Scoping Exercises

Week 2: Exploring Biomimicry and Alternative Financing

  • Guest Lecture: Biomimicry Inspired Case Studies

  • Overview of Alternative Financing Models for Sustainable Technologies

  • Market Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

Week 3: Technology Research and Development

  • Understanding Mangrove-Inspired Filtration System Technology

  • Hands-on Activities and Experiments

  • Developing Solutions for Onboard Energy Storage Devices

Week 4: Financial Modeling and Business Planning

  • Financial Modeling Exercises: Forecasting Project Costs

  • Developing Comprehensive Business Plans

  • Preparation of Investor Pitch Decks

Week 5: Guest Lecture: Reimagining Venture Capital for Hard-Tech Industries

  • Case Studies of Successful Alternative Financing Models

  • Q&A Session on Financing Challenges in the Yachting Industry

  • Networking Activities and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

Week 6: Partnership Building and Fundraising

  • Strategies for Building Partnerships in the Yachting Industry

  • Preparation of Communication Materials

  • Pitch Deck Refinement and Presentation Practice

Week 7: Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

  • Workshop: Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Strategies

  • Role-playing Exercise: Advocacy Campaign for Sustainable Yachting Practices

  • Refining Business Plans Based on Stakeholder Feedback

Week 8: Project Presentation and Reflection

  • Final Project Presentations to Peers and Mentors

  • Reflection on Key Learnings and Growth Throughout the Internship

  • Networking Opportunities and Guidance for Further Development in the Field

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