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Celtic to Kingdoms: Transmedia Tales


History, Education, Literature and Film Studies, Animation, Business, Marketing, Media and Communications

Explore European transition of indigenous Celtic/Gaelic cultures to border-based kingdoms through gamification for transmedia projects in the edutainment market.

An immersive journey exploring the transition from European indigenous Celtic/Gaelic societies to border based kingdoms. Through a deep dive into historical narratives and biomimicry methodology, interns study history and dissect existing movies, books and narratives to uncover the evolution of borders and its effect on humans’ perceptions of nature. The internship extends learning into transmedia adaptations in the development of nature-based educational materials and games based on our Alchemist Garden biomimicry game.

The second half shifts to business using market analysis of the educational potential of nature-themed narratives and games. Expert guest lectures offer insights into biomimicry, nature-based design, and the intersection of education and nature. Through market research, interns identify target audiences and educational needs in the evolving edutainment landscape, aligning with the emerging demand for nature-based learning solutions.

Synthesizing historical narratives, biomimicry methodology, and market analysis as applied to our already developed Alchemist Garden Game, you will emerge equipped to create compelling transmedia narratives that educate and inspire audiences about the interconnectedness of nature and human society.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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“My time with Born Global was enriching and thought provoking. As a young person, participating in a forward-thinking organisation like this made me feel hopeful for the future. I appreciated their willingness to co-develop and co-create ideas alongside interns ... I was given the opportunity to evolve both personally and professionally.”

Emily Sarah Barnes (UP’23) 

Geography and Anthropology, University of Pretoria 

Alchemist Garden Intern 2023


Week 1: Introduction to Celtic/Gaul Societies and Nature-Based Cultures

  • Session 1: Overview of Celtic/Gaul Societies: Their reliance on nature and deep connection to the land

  • Session 2: Nature-Based Cultures: Exploring the reverence for nature and natural rhythms in Celtic/Gaul traditions

  • Session 3: Evolution to Kingdoms: Discussing the transition from nature-based societies to kingdoms and the concept of borders

  • Session 4: Biomimicry as Methodology: How biomimicry is a research inquiry tool to understand nature-inspired solutions

Week 2: Analysis of Existing Screenplay with Nature Themes

  • Session 1: Screenplay Analysis: Identifying themes and characters related to nature in the existing screenplay

  • Session 2: Nature in Storytelling: Exploring the role of nature symbolism and motifs in storytelling

  • Session 3: Character Development Workshop: Applying biomimicry principles to enhance nature-related characters

  • Session 4: Activity: Brainstorming session for incorporating nature-inspired elements into the screenplay

Week 3: Transmedia Adaptation and Nature Integration

  • Session 1: Introduction to Transmedia Storytelling: Understanding the potential for nature-themed storytelling across multiple platforms

  • Session 2: Transmedia Adaptation Workshop: Adapting the screenplay for various platforms with a focus on nature integration

  • Session 3: Guest Lecture: Biomimicry and Nature-Inspired Design

  • Session 4: Activity: Integrating biomimicry principles into the storyline and characters for transmedia adaptation

Week 4: Nature-Based Learning and Market Analysis

  1. Session 1: Nature-Based Learning: Exploring the educational value of nature-inspired storytelling

  2. Session 2: Market Analysis: Investigating the demand for nature-themed educational materials and games

  3. Session 3: Guest Lecture: The Intersection of Education and Nature

  4. Session 4: Activity: Conducting market research to identify potential audiences and educational needs in the edutainment market

Week 5: Understanding the Edutainment Market

  • Introduction to Edutainment Business: Nature-Based Learning

  • Market Analysis: Exploring the evolving landscape of the edutainment market post-Covid

  • Guest Lecture: Trends and Opportunities in Edutainment

  • Activity: Conducting market research on target audience preferences and needs

Week 6: Education for New Generations

  • Research on Education for New Generations: Examining Rudolf Steiner's educational philosophy and innovative models of nature integration

  • Guest Lecture: The Role of Nature in Education

  • Case Study Analysis: Investigating successful educational programs and products integrating nature-based learning

  • Activity: Developing strategies to incorporate nature-based learning principles into the screenplay adaptation

Week 7: Designing for the Edutainment Audience

  • Design Thinking Workshop: Applying design principles to create engaging educational materials and games

  • Guest Lecture: User-Centered Design for Educational Products

  • Prototype Development: Creating prototypes of educational games and materials inspired by the screenplay

  • Activity: User testing and feedback gathering on prototype designs

Week 8: Project Development and Presentation

  • Final Project Development: Refining educational materials, games, or products based on user feedback

  • Guest Lecture: Marketing Strategies for Edutainment Products

  • Pitch Preparation: Crafting compelling pitches for potential investors or stakeholders

  • Final Presentation: Pitching the developed projects to the group, focusing on market appeal and educational value

  • Reflection and Feedback: Reviewing the internship experience and discussing future directions in edutainment and nature-based learning markets

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