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Eco-Thrive: Environmentally Responsible Structures


Civil Engineering Architecture Materials Science/Engineering Sustainability Studies Urban Planning Construction Management

Eco-conscious materials revolutionize buildings by minimizing ecological impact and creating vibrant, resilient spaces for thriving individuals and communities

The Eco-Thrive project theme explores the development of eco-conscious materials within the building and construction industries. For the 2024 internship program, Eco-Thrive will focus on applications of biochar in cement and concrete. Through immersive interactions with seasoned industry experts, interns gain invaluable insights into the practical applications of green materials and their pivotal role in sustainable construction practices.

Join the Eco-Thrive team and delve into the biomimetic innovation process to help bring about the next generation of green building materials. Over the course of this project, you will gain first-hand experience with the tools and methods that biomimicry practitioners use to develop nature-inspired innovations for the built environment.

This project will challenge you to sharpen your problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and interdisciplinary collaboration skills as you work on real-world material designs for green buildings and construction. Prepare yourself to pursue a career in engineering, architecture, construction management, and related fields, where such expertise in sustainable practices is in high demand.

You will also gain confidence in your research abilities and innovation management skills. The knowledge and practical experience you will gain here are highly sought after by employers in the green building sector.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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"Born Global gave me the confidence I needed to comfortably talk to those I looked up to because of their sheer intelligence and experience. Attending the World Biodiversity Forum sponsored by BG expanded my consciousness and gave me the experience I needed to feel like I belonged in the professional workplace. It also taught me structure, responsibility for your team, and because of BG, I connected to so many inspiring and motivated individuals."

Annisa Jehning (ASU '23) 

Arizona State University



Week 1: Introduction to Biomimicry in Building Design

  • Overview of Biomimicry and Its Applications in Eco-conscious Design

  • Introduction to Life's Principles: Understanding Nature's Design Strategies for Sustainability

  • Case Studies: Examples of Biomimetic Solutions in Building Materials and Design

Week 2: Research Methods in Biomimicry for Building Design

  • Research Techniques: Observational Studies, Literature Review, and Biomimicry Databases for Building Materials

  • Field Trip: Nature Observation and Documentation with a Focus on Eco-conscious Solutions

  • Guest Lecture: Biomimicry in Sustainable Architecture - Insights from Industry Experts

Week 3: Applying Life's Principles to Eco-conscious Building Design

  • Exploring Life's Principles: Analyzing Nature's Sustainable Strategies

  • Group Activity: Identifying Life's Principles in Natural Systems Relevant to Building Design

  • Case Study Analysis: Applying Life's Principles to Eco-conscious Building Materials and Design

Week 4: Biomimetic Design Process for Eco-conscious Buildings

  • Introduction to Biomimetic Design Process: Define, Discover, Design, Deliver in the Context of Eco-conscious Design

  • Hands-on Workshop: Ideation and Concept Generation for Eco-conscious Building Solutions

  • Group Project: Applying Biomimicry to Address Sustainability Challenges in Building Design

Week 5: Function Analysis in Nature for Building Design

  • Understanding Function in Natural Systems: Form Follows Function in Eco-conscious Design

  • Case Studies: Examining How Nature Achieves Specific Functions Relevant to Building Materials

  • Field Trip: Study of Functional Morphologies in Natural Environments for Building Inspiration

Week 6: Biomimetic Solutions for Sustainable Buildings

  • Exploring Biomimicry Solutions for Sustainable Building Materials and Design

  • Guest Lecture: Biomimetic Strategies for Green Building Certification

  • Group Project: Developing Biomimetic Solutions for Sustainable Building Challenges

Week 7: Prototyping and Testing Eco-conscious Building Materials

  • Prototyping Techniques: From Biomimetic Concepts to Sustainable Building Material Models

  • Testing Biomimetic Solutions: Evaluation and Iteration for Eco-conscious Design

  • Guest Lecture: Biomimetic Materials and Fabrication Techniques for Sustainable Buildings

Week 8: Presentation and Reflection on Eco-conscious Building Design

  • Final Project Presentation: Showcasing Biomimetic Design Solutions for Eco-conscious Buildings

  • Reflection and Discussion: Lessons Learned and Future Directions in Eco-conscious Building Design

  • Closing Ceremony: Certificate Presentation and Networking Event with Industry Professionals in Sustainable Architecture

Note: Throughout the internship, participants will engage in hands-on activities, group projects, and discussions tailored to eco-conscious building materials and design. Field trips and guest lectures will provide real-world insights and inspiration for incorporating biomimicry principles into sustainable architecture. The internship will culminate in a final project presentation where participants will showcase their biomimetic design solutions for eco-conscious buildings and reflect on their learning journey.

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