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Geomimicry: Alchemist Garden Game & Narrative Design


Mathematics, Architecture, Design, Environmental Engineering, Natural Sciences & Cultural Anthropology

Sacred Geometry, Biomimicry, and Mathematics blend nature’s geometrical patterns to develop the Alchemist Garden Game into characters and narratives.

An immersive internship journey delving into the intricate realms of Sacred Geometry and Biomimicry through the lens of mathematics. Participants will unravel the mathematical principles underlying the mesmerizing geometric patterns found in nature, such as the Fibonacci sequence and Platonic solids like Metatron’s Cube. Guided by expert mentors, interns will explore historical and contemporary applications of these geometric concepts in architecture, technology, and innovation.

In the first half of the internship, interns will engage in rigorous research and analysis, investigating the profound interplay between Sacred Geometry and Biomimicry. Through lectures, discussions, and field trips to natural environments, participants will deepen their understanding of how mathematical principles inspire innovative solutions to human challenges.

Transitioning to the second half, interns will apply their newfound knowledge to practical, hands-on projects. Collaborating with game designers and narrative mentors, interns will embark on the development of the character of the Book of Life within the animated game series Alchemist Garden. Through workshops and design sessions, you will infuse Sacred Geometry concepts into the narrative, crafting a captivating storyline that unfolds across various transmedia platforms.

By the culmination of the internship, you will emerge equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between mathematics, Sacred Geometry, and narrative design, poised to make meaningful contributions to the realms of gaming, storytelling, and innovation.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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“I live in Lebanon and I am studying economics at USJ. I have always loved nature, but since Born Global introduced me to biomimicry and sacred geometry, I look at it differently. I love music, acting, writing, and research. My motto is “We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one".

Jason Khoury (USJ ‘23) 

Impossible Lebanon Winner- 2020 

Sacred Geometry Intern -2021 & 2022 

Riverless Forest Intern - Other Dada 2023


Week 1: Introduction to Sacred Geometry and Biomimicry

  • Lecture 1: Overview of Sacred Geometry in Nature

  • Lecture 2: Introduction to Biomimicry Methodology

  • Discussion: Exploring Mathematical Patterns in Nature

  • Activity: Researching Examples of Sacred Geometry in Natural Forms

Week 2: Mathematical Principles in Nature

  • Lecture 3: Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio

  • Lecture 4: Platonic Solids and Metatron's Cube

  • Discussion: Applications of Mathematical Principles in Architecture and Technology

  • Activity: Analyzing Architectural and Technological Innovations Inspired by Sacred Geometry

Week 3: Field Trip: Exploration of Geometric Patterns in Nature

  • Field Trip: Visit to Botanical Gardens or Natural Reserves

  • Observation: Documenting Geometric Patterns Found in Natural Environments

Week 4: Biomimicry Research and Analysis

  • Lecture 5: Applying Biomimicry Principles to Innovation

  • Lecture 6: Case Studies of Biomimetic Designs

  • Discussion: Identifying Biomimetic Solutions to Human Challenges

  • Activity: Researching and Analyzing Biomimetic Innovations

Week 5: Character Development and Narrative Design

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to Character Design and Development

  • Workshop 2: Narrative Design Principles for Transmedia Applications

  • Activity: Brainstorming Session for Character Creation in Alchemist Garden Game Series

Week 6: Game Design Workshop

  • Guest Lecture 1: Fundamentals of Game Design

  • Workshop 3: Gameplay Mechanics and Level Design

  • Activity: Collaborative Game Design Session for Alchemist Garden

Week 7: Transmedia Storytelling

  • Guest Lecture 2: Transmedia Storytelling Techniques

  • Workshop 4: Integrating Sacred Geometry Concepts into Narrative

  • Activity: Writing Session for Alchemist Garden Storyline

Week 8: Presentation and Reflection

  • Presentation: Final Presentation of Alchemist Garden Game Concept and Storyline

  • Reflection: Personal Reflection on the Intersection of Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, and Narrative Design in Game Development

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