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Nature’s Voice: Eco-Ethics & Indigenous Language


Business, Ethics, Sustainability, Impact Finance, Policy, Community Engagement, Social Impact, Linguistics, Language Studies, International Relations, Communications

Interacting with Passamoquoddy and Zulu indigenous language to define values of goodness through diverse cultural perspectives and inform regenerative project planning.

Immerse yourself in a profound exploration of indigenous wisdom and their precise use of language with wisdom keepers from the Passamoquoddy tribe in Maine and the Zulu tribe in South Africa. Central to this exploration is the recognition of language not just as a means of communication but as their conduit for understanding and interacting with the natural world.

Delve into the concept of nature not as ‘resources’ for our use but as a dynamic, interconnected system with which humans engage in a reciprocal relationship. Through discussions, workshops, and field experiences, with tribal leaders  you will gain first-hand insights into indigenous languages' intrinsic connections to ecosystems, biodiversity, and sustainable living practices. Then integrating your understanding of biomimicry, you can deepen this research  into applied learning projects within the the Oxford recommended Nature-Based Solution (NbS) stakeholder analysis framework, under the guidance of its creator Dr. Richard Gunton. 

Gain highly sought after skills for  lucrative careers in sustainable real estate and infrastructure in business consulting, law, project financing and private equity by learning how to actually implement and streamline project development by staying locally attuned and responsive to project impacts on communities from the beginning of project development not as an afterthought.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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"Working with Born Global widened my way of thinking and approach to tackling problems. I was able to share ideas and work with a multidisciplinary research group and think collaboratively and innovatively to solve problems. I also got introduced to various tools and techniques of social science research and analysis."

Liban Thaikkattil  

Assistant Professor of Forestry Natural Sciences 

Ph.D in Forestry -University of Maine


Week 1: Introduction to Indigenous Wisdom and Language

  • Overview of indigenous wisdom from the Passamoquoddy tribe in Maine and the Zulu tribe in South Africa.

  • Understanding the intricate relationship between language and nature from indigenous perspectives.

Week 2: Language and Nature: Indigenous Perspectives

  • Delve into the concept of nature as a dynamic, interconnected system through indigenous wisdom.

  • Guest lecture: Insights from tribal leaders on the intrinsic connections between language and ecosystems.

Week 3: Field Experience: Immersion in Indigenous Communities

  • Engage directly with Passamoquoddy and Zulu communities to experience indigenous wisdom firsthand.

  • Workshop: Exploring language-centric approaches to understanding and interacting with nature.

Week 4: Nature-Based Solutions: Introduction to NbS Framework

  • Introduction to the Oxford-recommended Nature-Based Solution (NbS) framework.

  • Guest lecture: Dr. Richard Gunton on the importance of NbS in sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

Week 5: NbS Stakeholder Analysis and Cultural Values

  • Dive into the NbS stakeholder analysis framework under Dr. Gunton's guidance.

  • Workshop: Analyzing stakeholders by prioritizing cultural values and defining 'goodness' in indigenous contexts.

Week 6: Biomimicry and Local Responsiveness

  • Review of biomimicry principles and the Life Principle of staying locally attuned and responsive.

  • Discussion: How language and cultural values influence project impacts on local communities.

Week 7: Application of NbS in Project Finance and Private Equity

  • Case studies: Applying NbS principles in project finance and private equity for real estate and infrastructure projects.

  • Workshop: Developing language-centric approaches for consulting in project finance and private equity.

Week 8: Final Presentations and Career Development

  • Interns present their insights and proposals for applying indigenous wisdom and NbS in business consulting.

  • Career development session: Strategies for leveraging unique skill sets in consulting for real estate and infrastructure project financing and private equity.

Through this immersive 8-week internship, participants, already equipped with an understanding of biomimicry, will deepen their insights into indigenous wisdom, language, and the NbS framework. They'll be prepared for lucrative careers in business consulting for real estate and infrastructure project financing and private equity, emphasizing the importance of staying locally attuned and responsive to project impacts on communities.

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