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Hospitality not Hostility: Artemis the Protector


Law, International Relations, Political Science, Policy, Women/Gender Studies, Sociology, Social Justice, Cultural Anthropology

Empowering women in migration: Discover Artemis and her protective nature rooted in resilient adaptability inspired by her plant counterpart Artemisia.

Interns are guided by the analogy of Artemis, the mythical Greek goddess revered as the protector of the vulnerable, to inform their exploration of empowering women in migration. Insights gained from historical human and plant migration patterns in the Mediterranean, interns delve into the societal dynamics that have shaped women's roles and experiences throughout history and the modern day realities.

Just as Artemis safeguarded those in need, interns are tasked with developing policy briefs, research articles, and public presentations that advocate for the rights and well-being of women in migration. interns start with compassion and commitment to the vulnerable by grounding this work into the biological strategies of plant of Artemesia developed by the associated project interns. Through interdisciplinary learning and practical advocacy skills, interns aim to become effective champions for positive social change and defenders of women's rights in migration policies and practices.

Top academic professors and expert mentors, guide you on a journey to uncover the cultural and societal dynamics surrounding women's migration experiences.By synthesizing academic research with practical advocacy skills, you will emerge equipped to contribute to positive social change and advance gender equality in migration policies and practices.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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“Working so closely with archetypes and myths, I’m always interested in projects that assist individuals to ‘Know Thyself’ because by coming to more deeply know ourselves, we also come to more holistically know others, and the world(s) in which we participate in. As well as our relationship with the planet.”

Jessica Buchanon & Kristina Dryza


Week 1: Introduction to Empowering Women in Migration

  • Lecture 1: Overview of Artemis and the Concept of Protection

  • Discussion: Understanding the Role of Artemis as a Symbol of Protection and Empowerment

  • Activity: Reflective Writing on Personal Connection to Artemis' Attributes

Week 2: Historical and Modern Migration Patterns

  • Lecture 2: Historical Human Migration Patterns in the Mediterranean

  • Lecture 3: Plant Migration Strategies: Insights from Artemesia

  • Discussion: Comparing Human and Plant Migration Patterns

  • Activity: Analyzing Case Studies of Human and Plant Migration

Week 3: Societal Dynamics and Women's Roles

  • Lecture 4: Societal Dynamics Shaping Women's Roles in Migration

  • Discussion: Exploring Gender Dynamics in Migration Contexts

  • Activity: Analyzing Historical Texts and Artifacts Related to Women in Migration

Week 4: Policy Advocacy and Public Speaking Skills

  • Lecture 5: Developing Policy Briefs and Research Articles

  • Lecture 6: Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques

  • Workshop: Drafting Policy Briefs and Research Articles

  • Activity: Mock Public Presentations and Peer Feedback

Week 5: Interdisciplinary Learning and Integration

  • Guest Lecture 1: Gender Studies Perspectives on Migration

  • Guest Lecture 2: Ecological Perspectives on Human Migration

  • Discussion: Integrating Different Disciplinary Perspectives

  • Activity: Group Project on Interdisciplinary Analysis of Migration Issues

Week 6: Field Trip and Experiential Learning

  • Field Trip: Visit to a Local Women's Migrant Support Organization

  • Reflection: Writing Reflective Essays on Field Trip Experiences

Week 7: Final Project Development

  • Workshop: Finalizing Policy Briefs and Research Articles

  • Activity: Peer Review and Revision Session

Week 8: Presentation and Reflection

  • Guest Lecture 3: Strategies for Effective Advocacy and Social Change

  • Presentation: Final Public Presentations of Policy Briefs and Research Articles

  • Reflection: Personal Reflection on Learning Journey and Future Advocacy Goals

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