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Divinite: Conscious Perfumes


Chemistry, Environmental Science, Business, Marketing, Product Development, Fashion, Design, psychology

Nature’s Message in a Bottle: Ethical Sourcing, Green Chemistry, and Product Development in the Luxury Perfume Market.

Internship on Conscious Perfumes guided by expert perfumers and industry leaders. Dive deep into sustainable fragrance development, navigating the delicate balance between ethical sourcing, green chemistry, innovative design, and strategic marketing.

Begin with foundational perfumery principles and ethical sourcing practices, intertwined with insights from biomimicry-inspired green chemistry. Engage in interactive sessions and guest lectures to understand sustainable ingredient sourcing and formulation development, while immersing in sensory testing and prototyping.

Progress through the internship by delving into product development intricacies, from conceptualization to packaging design and label art, all rooted in sustainability principles. Through iterative processes, refine formulations and branding strategies, culminating in crafting a comprehensive marketing plan.

Experience the convergence of creativity and responsibility as you craft conscious perfumes that resonate with ethical values and environmental consciousness. Harness your passion for fragrance creation to drive positive change in the industry and make a lasting impact on consumers and communities alike.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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“Working so closely with archetypes and myths, I’m always interested in projects that assist individuals to ‘Know Thyself’ because by coming to more deeply know ourselves, we also come to more holistically know others, and the world(s) in which we participate in. As well as our relationship with the planet.”

Jessica Buchanon & Kristina Dryza


Week 1:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Perfumery Principles and Ethical Sourcing Practices

  • Session 2: Biomimicry and Green Chemistry in Fragrance Development

  • Guest Lecture: Industry Expert on Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing

Week 2:

  • Session 1: Exploring Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing and Formulation Development

  • Session 2: Sensory Testing and Prototyping Techniques

  • Guest Lecture: Perfumer on Sensory Evaluation and Prototyping

Week 3:

  • Session 1: Product Development: Conceptualization and Ideation

  • Session 2: Packaging Design and Label Art

  • Guest Lecture: Design Expert on Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Week 4:

  • Session 1: Refining Formulations with Sustainability in Mind

  • Session 2: Branding Strategies Rooted in Ethical Values

  • Guest Lecture: Marketing Specialist on Sustainable Branding and Consumer Psychology

Week 5:

  • Session 1: Iterative Processes in Perfume Formulation and Branding

  • Guest Lecture: Biomimicry Researcher on Nature-Inspired Solutions for Fragrance Development

Week 6:

  • Session 1: Finalizing Formulations and Branding Strategies

  • Session 2: Crafting a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

  • Guest Lecture: Industry Leader on Trends in Sustainable Perfumery

Week 7:

  • Session 1: Presentation Preparation and Feedback

  • Session 2: Practice Presentations and Peer Review

  • Guest Lecture: Environmental Advocate on the Role of Conscious Perfumery in Sustainability

Week 8:

  • Final Presentation: Showcasing Perfume Formulations, Branding Strategies, and Marketing Plans

  • Feedback and Reflection Session

  • Closing Remarks and Certificate Distribution

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