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Hydrogen Hive: Graphene Supercapacitors & Bio-Batteries


Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Renewable Energy, Nanotechnology

Graphene's honeycomb lattice makes it a 'wonder material' with exceptional properties and vast potential in high-tech and energy, offering hydrogen as a green alternative to fossil fuels.

The Hydrogen Hive internship combines nature-inspired engineering and cutting-edge innovation for careers in sustainable high-tech. Graphene, with its honeycomb lattice structure, is hailed as the new 'wonder material' for energy storage technologies. Its remarkable properties could revolutionize energy storage and make graphene particularly useful in hydrogen energy applications, offering a green alternative to fossil fuels.

Building upon the foundation laid by previous Hydrogen Hive internships, you will delve into the fascinating world of bee-inspired materials and energy storage mechanisms and study how bees create materials to store energy, laying the groundwork for mimicking these natural forms and functions in electrical, mechanical, chemical, environmental, and material engineering.

Engage in research and expert interviews of real-life case studies, exploring the potential of graphene-based supercapacitors and bio-batteries for storing hydrogen energy and then extrapolate from nature's ingenious designs, to develop innovative solutions that promise to revolutionize energy storage technology.

Through this immersive project, you will gain foundational practice with biomimicry and its applications in engineering, paving the way for exclusive career opportunities in the clean-tech industry. These specialized skills are highly sought after by top employers in the field, offering interns a competitive edge and the potential for lucrative career advancement.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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“Embracing the professional world at an early age allowed me to cultivate a strong work ethic and acquire skills vital for my future as a young woman in STEM. I am profoundly grateful for the experiences provided by this internship, which have significantly contributed to shaping the person I am today.”

Maria Bejjani (Northwestern ‘27) 

Northwestern University 

Alternative Energy and Hydrogen Hive Intern 2021-2022


Week 1: Introduction to Biomimicry and Clean-Tech

  • Overview of Biomimicry Principles and Their Application in Clean Technology

  • Introduction to Nano Technology Graphene and Its Potential for Energy Storage

  • Guest Lecture: Industry Overview and Career Opportunities in Clean Technology

Week 2: Bee-Inspired Energy Storage

  • Study of Bee Energy Storage Mechanisms and Materials

  • Research on Existing Biomimetic Solutions for Energy Storage

  • Expert Interview: Insights from Biomimicry Experts in Clean-Tech Industry

Week 3: Graphene Supercapacitors

  • Deep Dive into Graphene Properties and Supercapacitor Technology

  • Case Study Analysis: Real-world Applications of Graphene Supercapacitors

  • Field Trip: Visit to Research Labs or Companies Working with Graphene Supercapacitors

Week 4: Bio-Batteries and Sustainable Energy

  • Exploration of Biomimetic Approaches to Bio-Batteries

  • Research on Sustainable Energy Solutions and Bio-Battery Applications

  • Group Project: Designing Biomimetic Bio-Batteries for Sustainable Energy Storage

Week 5: Prototyping and Testing

  • Prototyping Biomimetic Energy Storage Devices

  • Testing Prototypes for Performance and Durability

  • Guest Lecture: Prototyping Techniques and Best Practices in Clean-Tech Industry

Week 6: Industry Insights and Networking

  • Panel Discussion: Careers in Clean Technology - Insights from Industry Professionals

  • Networking Event: Meet and Greet with Clean-Tech Companies and Organizations

  • Expert Workshop: Resume Building and Interview Tips for Clean-Tech Careers

Week 7: Project Refinement and Presentation

  • Iterative Design Process: Refining Biomimetic Energy Storage Solutions Based on Feedback

  • Final Project Presentation Preparation

  • Mock Interviews: Practice Interviews with Feedback from Industry Experts

Week 8: Final Project Presentation and Reflection

  • Final Project Presentations: Showcasing Biomimetic Energy Storage Solutions

  • Reflection and Discussion: Lessons Learned, Career Aspirations, and Future Directions

  • Certificate Presentation and Closing Ceremony

Throughout the internship, participants will engage in hands-on research, project-based learning, and interaction with industry experts to gain practical skills and insights relevant to careers in clean technology.

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