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Bridge Builders: Over Troubled Funding Waters


Business, Financing, Venture Capital, Engineering - all disciplines including Financial Engineering

Bridging the ‘Technology Commercialization Valley’ demands combining business acumen with engineering expertise to match technical readiness studies with innovative financing.

Embark on an interdisciplinary journey where the cutting-edge model of technology commercialization intersects with nature's blueprint of ecological succession. Finance, economics, and engineering students will delve into the reasons why the existing venture capital system does not work for bio-technology innovation and how to study the ecological succession model of maturing forest ecosystems guided by the model, mentor, and measure approach inspired by biological principles.

Interns will discover how the stages of ecological succession mirror the evolution of transformative technologies by studying the progression from pioneering to competitive species and drawing parallels to the maturation of innovative ventures. Through mentorship from industry experts, interns will learn to navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent in this evolutionary process while gaining a deep understanding of how to model and measure success through biomimetic lenses. By applying Life's Principles and biomimicry methodologies, interns will learn to assess the resilience, adaptability, and sustainability of emerging technologies, ensuring they thrive in diverse environments.

Working on developing a business strategy for the real-world company of Synthesis Venture Fund Partners, interns will cultivate exclusive skills that transcend disciplinary boundaries and emerge with a visionary mindset, equipped to lead transformative ventures that harmonize with nature's principles.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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“In our immersion in Tofino, BC we dove into the intersection of (Indigenous) Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and biomimicry, which was full of ethical considerations and learning. Andrew and I worked on the "Ecological-self" as the intersection between the "natural self" and the "Incorporated-self". Born Global was a wonderful place to test out and further these ideas.”

Andrew Saunders (ASU’21) 

MS Biomimicry, Eco Ethics Mentor 

Supply Chain and Biomimicry Professional


Week 1: Introduction to Ecological Succession and Technology Commercialization

  • Explore the parallels between ecological succession and technology evolution.

  • Introduction to the model, mentor, and measure approach in both contexts.

Week 2: Pioneering Innovations and Early-stage Ventures

  • Study pioneering species in ecological succession and their counterparts in technology startups.

  • Guest lecture: Insights from industry mentors on navigating early-stage ventures.

Week 3: Competitive Dynamics in Ecosystems and Markets

  • Analyze competitive interactions in ecosystems and markets.

  • Case study analysis: Examining successful market entrants and their strategies.

Week 4: Adaptation and Resilience in Nature and Business

  • Understand how species and companies adapt to changing environments.

  • Group project: Developing strategies for enhancing adaptability in startups.

Week 5: Scaling Up: From Niche to Dominance

  • Explore the transition from niche specialists to dominant species and market leaders.

  • Mentorship session: Guidance on scaling up operations and market penetration.

Week 6: Sustainability and Long-term Success

  • Investigate the role of sustainability in ecosystem health and business longevity.

  • Biomimicry workshop: Applying nature-inspired principles to ensure long-term viability.

Week 7: Measuring Success: Biomimetic Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

  • Develop biomimetic metrics and KPIs for evaluating technology ventures.

  • Guest lecture: Insights from experts on measuring success in innovative ventures.

Week 8: Final Presentations and Reflections

  • Interns present their biomimetic commercialization strategies.

  • Reflection session: Discuss lessons learned and insights gained from the internship.

Through this immersive experience, interns will gain exclusive skills in interdisciplinary thinking, strategic planning, and biomimetic design that will set them apart in the competitive landscape of technology commercialization. Join us on this transformative journey where the fusion of nature and technology inspires innovation and sustainability for a brighter future.

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