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Luxury as Love: Neuromarketing


Business, Market, Fashion, Design, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry

Luxury of the Senses: Exploring Perfume Marketing through Neuromarketing and Scent Psychology.

Interns will explore the intersection of luxury marketing and wellness industry dynamics, centering on the innovative concept of Luxury as Love. Led by experienced perfumers and industry experts, interns will delve into the art and science of fragrance development, with a focus on ethical sourcing, green chemistry, and cutting-edge marketing strategies.

The program will kick off with a deep dive into the concept of Luxury as Love, challenging traditional notions of luxury marketing by emphasizing self-care, well-being, and personal connection. Through a combination of practical workshops and theoretical exploration, interns will learn to craft fragrances that evoke feelings of self-love and empowerment, aligning with contemporary trends in consumer behavior.

Sessions will explore the psychology of scent and its impact on mood and emotion, drawing on principles of neuro-marketing to inform fragrance creation. Interns will gain insights into consumer behavior, luxury branding strategies, and the role of storytelling in conveying the essence of Luxury as Love to discerning audiences.

Guest lectures from industry leaders will provide valuable perspectives on luxury marketing trends, consumer psychology, and emerging innovations in the wellness industry. By the program's conclusion, you will emerge equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic world of luxury fragrance marketing, poised to shape the future of the industry an innovative approach to Luxury as Love.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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Week 1:

  • Introduction to Luxury Marketing and Wellness Industry

  • Principles of Fragrance Development and Biomimicry Methodology

  • Guest Lecture: Industry Expert on Trends in Luxury Marketing

Week 2:

  • Neuro-Marketing and Its Applications in the Wellness Industry

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior and Neuroreceptors

  • Guest Lecture: Neuroscientist on the Science of Scent and Well-Being

Week 3:

  • Fragrance Blending Techniques and Neuroreceptor Activation

  • Case Studies in Fragrance Marketing for Well-Being

  • Guest Lecture: Marketing Specialist on Communicating Wellness in Luxury Brands

Week 4:

  • Psychology of Influence and Beliefs in Luxury Marketing

  • Effective Communication Strategies for Luxury Brands

  • Guest Lecture: Psychologist on Emotional Branding and Self-Love

Week 5:

  • Crafting Scent Profiles for Self-Love and Well-Being

  • Guest Lecture: Perfumer on Scent Creation Techniques for Emotional Response

Week 6:

  • Branding Strategies Rooted in Self-Love and Wellness

  • Developing Marketing Campaigns for Luxury Wellness Products

  • Guest Lecture: Branding Expert on Luxury Brand Positioning and Storytelling

Week 7:

  • Presentation Preparation and Feedback

  • Practice Presentations and Peer Review

  • Guest Lecture: Industry Leader on Innovations in Luxury Wellness Marketing

Week 8:

  • Final Presentation: Showcasing Fragrance Blends, Branding Strategies, and Marketing Campaigns

  • Feedback and Reflection Session

  • Closing Remarks and Certificate Distribution

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