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Living Waters: Inventor Entrepreneurs & IP


Finance, environmental science, sustainability studies, business administration, economics, Marine biology, Biology, Ecology

Innovative financing for Hard-tech ventures, transitioning from VC to sharing intellectual property inspired by natural models of coral reef ecosystems.

Inventor Entrepreneurs and IP: Exploring the intricacies of technology commercialization, this internship delves into intellectual property rights, technology transfer, and licensing, crucial for scientists transitioning to entrepreneurship. Participants engage in a comprehensive eight-week program, with a special emphasis on biomimicry principles in the latter stages.

As the internship progresses, participants deepen their understanding of applying Biomimicry Life Principles to technology commercialization, harnessing nature's wisdom to inspire innovative solutions. Through case studies, design sprints, and business model workshops, interns gain insights into how biomimicry can drive sustainable innovation and business success.

The culmination of the internship involves project implementation and presentation, where participants apply their newfound knowledge to develop concrete plans for technology commercialization. By integrating Biomimicry Life Principles into their projects, interns demonstrate their ability to reimagine technology solutions and business models, paving the way for impactful and environmentally conscious entrepreneurship in today's world.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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“Born Global marked the pivotal beginning of my career journey. It didn't confine me to predetermined expectations; it fostered an environment where I could craft my own solutions through invaluable support and resources. I carried forward a profound sense of agency in my ability to effect change in the world one step at a time.”

Kelly Wang (BU ENG’23) 

Product Designer NextGen Healthcare, BU MS Computer Engineering 

Hewitt Pathfinder Fund Recipient, Biommicry Intern 2020-2022


Week 1: Introduction to Inventor Entrepreneurship

  • Session 1: Overview of the Inventor Entrepreneurship Landscape

  • Session 2: Intellectual Property Rights Fundamentals

Week 2: Technology Transfer and Licensing

  • Session 3: Technology Transfer Processes

  • Session 4: Licensing Strategies and Agreements

Week 3: Challenges in Commercialization

  • Session 5: Identifying Barriers to Commercialization

  • Session 6: Case Study Analysis

Week 4: Synthesis Venture Fund Model

  • Session 7: Introduction to Synthesis Venture Fund Model

  • Session 8: Guest Lecture

Week 5: Applying Biomimicry Life Principles to Technology Commercialization

  • Session 9: Review of Biomimicry Life Principles

  • Session 10: Case Studies: Applying Biomimicry Life Principles

Week 6: Designing Technology Solutions Using Biomimicry Life Principles

  • Session 11: Biomimicry Design Sprint

  • Session 12: Critique and Refinement

Week 7: Integrating Biomimicry Life Principles into Business Models

  • Session 13: Biomimicry-Inspired Business Models

  • Session 14: Business Model Canvas Workshop

Week 8: Project Implementation and Presentation

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