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Waste to Wealth: Turning liabilities into profit


Business Consulting, Operations, Organizational Management, Logistics, Innovation Commercialization

Leverage circular economy principles to capitalize on waste, converting organic materials into profitable resources like biochar and graphene.

Embark on a transformative journey within our exclusive business consulting program, where the realms of business operations, engineering and innovation converge to unlock the untapped potential of waste. Specifically this internship will focus on repurposing organic forestry and agricultural waste into sustainable energy and bio-based materials such as biochar, positioning you at the forefront of revolutionizing corporate logistics, operations, and supply side management.

Delve deeply into the dynamic applications of global corporate organic waste streams and their innovation into profitable high-tech products like biochar and graphene, exploring their utilization in agriculture, industrial filtration, and high-tech. Engage in intensive research and thorough case study analyses, honing essential skills necessary for business consulting roles with global corporations struggling with the costs of logistics, operations, and supply side management. By applying circular economy principles, you'll master the art of maximizing resource efficiency while minimizing waste generation, gaining invaluable insights into sustainable engineering practices.

Through expert mentorship you will cultivate exclusive leadership and innovation proficiencies that are indispensable in the world of lucrative business consulting. As you confront real-world challenges and opportunities head-on, emerge equipped to spearhead transformative initiatives and enact sustainable change within logistics, operations, and supply side management domains.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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“I got into biomimicry during the 2020 Impossible Lebanon challenge, which sought to find sustainable solutions for the Lebanese crisis. After winning with my project on Waste-to-Energy technology, I continued learning in an internship with Born Global. I then launched Biominds, my school’s first Biomimicry club, focused on empowering youth through the spreading of Biomimicry.”

Ghassan Aboud (EPFL ‘26)  

Impossible Lebanon Winner 

Biomimicry and Innovation Intern 2020-2021 

TEDx youth talk Biomimicry


Week 1: Introduction to Biomimicry and Business Consulting

  • Overview of biomimicry as a methodology for innovation and problem-solving.

  • Introduction to strategic business consulting principles in waste repurposing.

Week 2: Biomimicry in Nature: Learning from Forestry and Agricultural Systems

  • Delve into how nature repurposes waste in forestry and agricultural systems.

  • Expert interview session: Insights from biologists and ecologists on waste repurposing strategies in natural ecosystems.

Week 3: Exploring Biochar and Graphene: Nature's Solutions for Waste Repurposing

  • Study the dynamic applications of biochar and graphene inspired by natural systems.

  • Guest lecture: Perspectives from materials scientists and engineers on biomimetic approaches to waste repurposing.

Week 4: Research and Case Study Analyses

  • Conduct intensive research and thorough case study analyses on biomimetic waste repurposing initiatives.

  • Expert interview session: Discussions with industry leaders on successful biomimetic waste repurposing projects.

Week 5: Circular Economy Principles in Biomimicry Practice

  • Apply circular economy principles within the context of biomimetic waste repurposing strategies.

  • Mentorship session: Guidance on integrating biomimicry and circular economy principles in strategic business consulting practices.

Week 6: Leadership and Innovation in Biomimetic Business Consulting

  • Cultivate leadership and innovation skills through expert mentorship sessions.

  • Group project: Developing biomimetic solutions for waste repurposing challenges faced by global corporations.

Week 7: Transformative Initiatives and Sustainable Change

  • Develop transformative initiatives grounded in biomimicry principles for sustainable change.

  • Expert interview session: Conversations with biomimicry experts on the future of waste repurposing and sustainability.

Week 8: Final Presentations and Reflections

  • Present transformative biomimetic initiatives to industry stakeholders.

  • Reflection session: Discuss lessons learned and insights gained from the internship, and strategize for future applications of biomimicry in strategic business consulting.

Through this immersive 8-week internship, participants will gain expertise in biomimicry, waste repurposing, circular economy principles, strategic business consulting, leadership, and innovation. They will emerge equipped to lead transformative biomimetic initiatives and drive sustainable change within corporate logistics, operations, and supply side management domains, positioning themselves for lucrative career opportunities in the dynamic field of biomimetic strategic business consulting.

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