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Hospitality not Hostility: Artemisia’s Migration


Biology, Ecology, Creative Writing, Communications, Animation, Transmedia

Artemisia's Biological migration strategies of resilience combine with creative arts and animation in Transmedia storytelling.

Artemisia, known for its resilience and ingenious adaptation tactics in challenging landscapes, serves as a powerful symbol of human migration and adaptation. Through expert mentorship, Interns embark on a journey of biomimicry research to unravel Artemisia's migratory behavior, applying scientific accuracy to develop a comprehensive understanding of its strategies to create a ‘plant deck’ to be used for illustrations. 

By crafting storyboards and characters based on the real-life strategies of the plant Artemisia, interns explore the intersection of biology and creative arts, discovering how nature inspires artistic expression and storytelling. Through interdisciplinary exploration, interns gain insights into the ecological dynamics driving migration and adaptation, examining the interconnectedness of ecosystems and human societies. By journey's end, you will emerge with a profound understanding of Artemisia's metaphorical significance and its implications for human resilience and adaptability. 

Best of class submissions will be selected to collaborate with skilled illustrators, creating an e-book that depicts key moments in Artemisia's journey, drawing parallels to human experiences of migration and adaptation across diverse landscapes. Through this creative endeavor, you will Integrate biology with the creative arts, weaving together scientific knowledge and artistic expression to tell Artemisia's story in a visually compelling manner.

Available Intern Positions:

3 High School, 3 Undergrad & 1 Master, PhD

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Week 1: Introduction to Artemisia and Biomimicry -Scoping

  • Overview of Artemisia as a symbol of resilience and adaptation.

  • Course overview Introduction to Biology biomimicry methodology-Hana & applications transmedia storytelling- Emily

  • Assignment of the Artemisia plant and associated subterranean and things with wings

  • For highschool students just the Artemisia plant

  • For College students - all 3 levels

  • Set up buddy system between Uni and HS pairings

Week 2: Understanding Artemisia's Migration Strategies -Discovering

  • In-depth exploration of Artemisia's migratory behavior and adaptation tactics.

  • Fill out the Strategy function and mechanism slides -due end week

  • Hands-on research to unravel Artemisia's strategies using biomimicry principles.

Week 3: Developing the Plant Deck Creating

  • Application of biomimicry Life’s Principle to develop a comprehensive 'plant deck' for Artemisia.

  • Biology to Metaphorical Life’s principles

  • Guest lecture: Dr. Catarina Scaremelli

Week 4: Crafting Storyboards and Characters- Creating/Evaluating

  • Workshop on translating biomimicry research into visual storytelling.

  • Personify characteristics in authentic voice

  • Hands-on session: Crafting storyboards and characters based on Artemisia's strategies.

  • Hands-on Debate session

Week 5: Guest Lecture Series: Interdisciplinary Insights

  • Guest lecture 1: The intersection of biology and creative arts in animation. Yolanda Methvin

  • Guest lecture 2: Ecological dynamics driving migration and adaptation. Dr. Carrie Preston

Week 6: E-book Creation Process

  • Collaborative session with skilled illustrators to create an e-book depicting Artemisia's journey.

  • Hands-on workshop: Integrating scientific knowledge and artistic expression in e-book creation.

Week 7: Finalizing the E-book

  • Refinement and finalization of the e-book project.

  • Peer review and feedback session to enhance the quality of submissions.

Week 8: Presentation and Reflection

  • Interns present their e-book projects, showcasing Artemisia's journey and its parallels to human experiences.

  • Reflection session: Discussing insights gained and the implications of Artemisia's metaphorical significance for human resilience and adaptability.

Throughout the 8-week internship, interns will engage in a blend of theoretical learning, hands-on research, collaborative workshops, and guest lectures to deepen their understanding of Artemisia's migration strategies and their application in animation. By the end of the program, participants will emerge with a profound appreciation for the intersection of biology and creative arts, equipped with valuable insights into biomimicry, animation, and storytelling.

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