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High School Programs

Spring & Summer 2024

Welcome to Born Global, where we transform education into an adventure that combines passion, nature, and innovation. Our nonprofit is dedicated to applying nature-based solutions to tackle the world's significant challenges in ecological restoration, environmental technology, and social change making.

We invite high school students to join us in a journey that goes beyond traditional learning, engaging both heart and mind in meaningful action.

Why Born Global?

Our mission is rooted in the belief that education should be an immersive, impactful experience. We aim to inspire young learners to explore their passions and talents, guiding them toward making informed decisions about their academic and professional futures. The Born Global programs for 2024 are designed to blend educational exploration with practical experience, offering a unique opportunity to engage with real-world problems and develop solutions grounded in nature.

Video: Learn more about our High School Program

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High School Program

Spring Program

Educational Exploration

Preparation Phase for a Transformative Summer

The Spring Program is your gateway to discovering how nature inspires innovation. Here’s what it includes:

  1. College Counseling & Internship Placement:
    a 30-minute one-on-one interview with Dr. Samaha to discuss your talents, passions, and aspirations as you prepare for college applications and guide you towards your internship placement. 


  2. Biomimicry Research Methodology Training:
    A three-part certification course that introduces you to the principles of biomimicry and how to apply them in solving complex problems.


  3. Project Debriefings and Born Global Short Courses:
    Gain unlimited access to our short courses, which will help you select your summer project with a well-informed perspective.


This preparatory phase is crucial for informing your summer internship projects, ensuring a rich, hands-on experience that’s both meaningful and impactful.


Summer Program

Hands-on Research & Capstone Experience

Applying Knowledge in Real-World Contexts

After spring’s comprehensive training, the Summer Program places you in the heart of action:

  1. Individual Research & Capstone Project Assignments:
    Dive deep into your chosen area, employing biomimicry and other research methodologies to explore and develop solutions.


  2. Natural Models Analogy & Application:
    Discover and apply biomimicry through local projects, making significant contributions to the green and blue economies and reimagining our world in creative and interconnected ways.



Spring Term

Opens on March 1st, runs until May 17th

Preparation Phase for a Transformative Summer

  • Register for the Educational Exploration phase.

  • Engage with biomimicry training and select your project through Born Global short courses

Transition from Spring to Summer:

Opens on April 1st, closing May 31st

Internship placement will be allocated on a priority basis to early applicants

  • Apply for the Summer Internship Programs, and begin developing your approach for hands-on research and social impact capstone projects.

Summer Term

Term 1 from June 24th to July 19th
Term 2 from July 22nd to August 16th

Immerse yourself in Internship Research & Capstone Projects focusing on:

  • Green Economy: Explore sustainable solutions in environmental technology and ecological restoration.

  • Blue Economy: Dive into projects that protect marine environments and promote sustainable use of water resources.
    Biomes not Borders: Address the challenges of environmental migration and its impact on communities.

Empowering Your Future

We are committed to providing more than just an educational program; we're offering a gateway to unparalleled opportunities that can significantly optimize your academic profile for university applications. Here's how being a part of our Spring and Summer 2024 programs can add immense value to your journey:

  • Independent Leadership & Global Perspectives

  • Capstone Projects with Real Impact

  • Diverse, Inclusive Perspectives & Cutting-Edge Research

  • Practical Application of Learning

  • A Unique and Pioneering Skill Set for the Future

  • International Forums & Exclusive Events, such as the Biodiversity Forum-Davos, Art Basel in Miami, the Monaco Boat Show, UN Coop Events, and the Costa Rica Retreat, and many other local venues.



Our programs start with passion and engage the heart and mind as we tackle some of the world’s BiG problems with grounded action. 


Join Us on This Journey

Born Global is more than a program; it's a movement toward innovative, sustainable solutions through the lens of nature. As you explore, learn, and grow with us, you're not just preparing for your future—you're actively shaping a better world.

Embark on this transformative journey with Born Global. Apply now for our Spring & Summer 2024 programs and take the first step towards realizing your potential and making a tangible impact on our planet.

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Maria bejjani.png

“Embracing the professional world at an early age allowed me to cultivate a strong work ethic and acquire skills vital for my future as a young woman in STEM. I am profoundly grateful for the experiences provided by this internship, which have significantly contributed to shaping the person I am today.”

Maria Bejjani (Northwestern ‘27)

Northwestern University

Alternative Energy and Hydrogen Hive Intern 2021-2022


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